We selected tea leaves grown in the north of the country that are appropriate to the terrain of the high mountains, fertile climate well. Not hot and not too cold as well as the attention of the farmers who care for tea, tea leaves as well, so it is strong and good quality. And integrated with jasmine choose flowers that mature grade through the cleaning and drying, and then make Kummuan tea with the scent of jasmine, delicate flavor, mild taste and aroma of jasmine can help ease tensions as well. The packing made of our material existence is justified by an elaborate woven bamboo art folk wisdom made up every piece by hand. The beauty chic style is unique and individually. Perfect to buy as a gift, souvenir, gift or keepsake in various applications.

  1. Hot water temperature at the tea should be about + 90˚c. Pour hot cup of tea before the first wash, then put hot water in a cup of tea. Put the tea brew small enough for one cup, then pour hot water to wash the leaves off the first round.
  2. Pour enough hot water into a cup of tea to drink in moderation. Hot water to make tea waking from a trance fully for about 2-3 minutes to smell very fragrant tea.
  3. Filter out the tea leaves or debris.
  4. Lift up the cup, smell and taste to your heart.

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